No deposits are required.



The most preferred method of payment is C.O.D. (Cash on Delivery).



Credit Card / PayPal

We can email an invoice to you or can use credit card with paypal here.


Note: All credit cards will have a 3% fee starting on 5/1/23.



We only accept business checks.


We must receive customers check at least 7 business days before the reservation date.


Checks will not be accepted during the delivery time.


All returned checks will be charged a $30 penalty fee.

Cancellation & Rain Policy

If A Customer Wishes To Cancel

If customer decides to cancel their reservation, please do so at least 3 days before their reservation day. 


Rain Policy

In case of rain or severe weather conditions (high winds exceeding 20mph) during your rental date, customer is allowed to cancel the same day as delivery without any cancellation fee (also pertains to forecasts with probabilities of rain or high winds greater than 50% likelihood). 


Customer MUST CALL and cancel before 9am on the day of the event. If customer cancels the order, it will be canceled for the rest of the rental period with no guarantee that we can deliver if weather conditions get better.



If customer decides to go ahead with the order even though the weather forecast says it will rain, but it is not actually raining at the time, than we will go ahead and deliver the order. However, if it does start to rain during the rental time, Party2ya, reserves the right to cancel the order, due to safety concerns, with NO refund provided.


During rain/inclement weather, it is unsafe for anyone to play inside the inflatables, therefore we do cancel orders during raining/inclement weather days. However, since people do have events and parties that are usually planned out weeks/months before, we give customers the option to deliver the order or cancel it for days that are predicted to rain.


It is the customer's responsibility to call Party2ya to cancel their order or go through with it during these rain/inclement weather days before 9 am on the delivery day.







Electronic Responsibility

Adequate Electricity

Providing adequate electricity is solely the customers responsibility. Customer must make sure there are an adequate number of electrical outlets, with sufficient power, to keep the units working properly. If there are no electrical outlets available at the setup location (i.e. parks, fields, parking lots), than a generator will be required.


Electricity outlets must be capable of providing a dedicated minimum of 15 Amps for each blower. 


Please check all electricity outlets you plan to use for Party2ya equipment to ensure there will be an adequate supply of electricity.


Insufficient electricity can create major problems during the course of the rental period (i.e. setup delays, constant deflation), therefore, we urge all customers to make preparations and exam electricity outlets to make sure they will provide sufficient electricity.



We will provide a one hundred foot extension cord for your rental.

Supervision of Inflatables

Customer is responsible for supervising the safety and conduct of all participants using Party2ya products. Therefore, there should be a responsible and mature adult supervising the operation of the units at all times.


Safety of all participants in units is the responsibility of the person supervising.


All units come with safety instructions (usually located on the front of the unit), which need to be read and understood by any and all people supervising.


Participants inside the units SHOULD NOT, AT ANY TIME, be allowed to do anything that is/are prohibited by the safety rules.


Blatant disregard of the safety rules may result in physical injuries and/or additional fees for any food, silly string, or items not allowed.


A waiver must be filled out by adult that is supervising/renting. 

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